How to Put the Happy Back into Happy Holidays

Being happy during the holidays starts with you. If you are dreading the holiday season this year, here are some things to consider.Being happy during the holidays can be difficult – especially if you’re going through a divorce. Many divorced people find the holiday season overwhelming, and “happy” would be the last adjective they use to [...]

4 Things Every Divorced Person Should Do

How you mark the ending of your marriage and the attitude you adopt will greatly impact the kind of life you'll live moving forward after divorce.A divorce can be a long and draining process that can be emotionally, financially and physically exhausting process.However, there is an endpoint.And, while it can seem anti-climactic after seemingly endless [...]

The Benefits of Co-Mediation in Divorce

Working with a co-mediation team of professionals during divorce provides you with additional benefits beyond working with a single mediator. A mediated divorce uses a neutral third-party mediator to help the parties resolve issues that arise during the divorce. The mediator is not there to make decisions or mandate outcomes. Their role is to help the parties collaborate [...]

Post-Divorce Dating: Things to Consider Before You Get Started

Some of the post-divorce dating advice your friends and family offer is worth considering, while some of it might need to be thrown out!The approaches that people take to post-divorce dating vary widely. Some people are shell-shocked after a divorce and can’t imagine dating, while others want nothing more than to jump right back into [...]

3 Self-Focused Resolutions for the Suddenly Single

If separation or divorce has left you suddenly single, here are 3 resolutions to consider.In the past, you may have have made traditional New Year’s resolutions like losing weight or getting more organized. If you’ve just gone through separation or divorce, the start of a new year is a great time to make some divorce-related [...]

How to Gracefully Attend an Event As Co-Parents

Place Your Children First and Attend an Event as Co-ParentsThe word “graceful” is a deliberate addition to the blog title because anyone can attend an event together, but I want to give some tips on how to attend an event as co-parents and do it well. This matters because when you are co-parenting, you will have [...]

Three Perspectives On Keeping the House, Or Not

Post co-authored by:Rachel Moore, Esq. - Attorney and mediatorAlona Anspach, CFP, CDFA - Financial plannerFor many people their house is both a serious financial asset and an ongoing expense. And since the house is your home, it’s an asset that comes with a lot of emotional attachment. For these reasons, deciding what to do with [...]

This Year’s New Year’s Resolution: Accept Yourself

It’s as predictable as the ball dropping over Time Square: make a resolution to address the current problem area in our lives. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Shop less. We all view the new year as an opportunity to reinvent the less desirable aspects of ourselves. Unfortunately, for most people, making a resolution is the easy [...]

Women’s Body Image: Finding balance, losing balance, finding balance

Last week, I read Jennifer Aniston’s article on the Huffington Post voicing her anger at the media’s obsession with body image and its darker side, body shaming. Her passionate comments highlighted how pervasive this issue is in our society. She focused on the role that the media plays in perpetuating the myth of the perfect [...]

Why Not to Stress over Your Child’s Boredom This Summer

It’s easy to find websites devoted to expensive and elaborate ways to keep your children entertained over the summer. I want to encourage you to embrace the boredom because it’s actually good for your kids! A while ago, I blogged about a study that showed how many adults would prefer an electrical shock to being [...]


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