Collaborative Divorce is a non-litigated approach to divorce with the goal of empowering families to develop a durable settlement through collaboration and problem solving while protecting the privacy of all parties. It is unique because it allows you – not the courts – to retain control of decisions and to tailor solutions that fit the needs of your family.

Specially trained professionals help you navigate divorce in a respectful and constructive manner. These professionals can include:

  • Divorce Coach – a mental health professional who helps you identify goals, supports parents in putting children’s needs first, manages strong emotions and develops communication skills to improve divorce negotiations and post-divorce interactions
  • Lawyer – each spouse hires a collaboratively trained attorney to provide legal counsel; the lawyers are cooperative as opposed to adversarial
  • Financial Neutral – a financial specialist who acts as a neutral third party to identify options, provide education and develop budget, division of assets and liabilities
  • Child Specialist – a neutral specialist who helps you develop parenting plans and arrangements that meet the needs of your family

This team-based problem solving approach allows couples to make decisions that meet the needs of both spouses and their children. The goal is to create a mutually agreeable, durable settlement through a process that promotes open communication and focuses on creating a solution that supports the long-term well-being of each family member.