Every child is unique. As parents navigate divorce, it is vital that they develop a parenting plan that meets the specific needs of their children. A Child Specialist is a professional trained to work with parents to create a shared understanding of their children’s need and to build a plan that promotes the best outcomes for those children.

In this role, I will perform the following duties as needed:

  • Bring your child’s voice and perspective into the process while helping to keep your child out of the middle of your divorce
  • Provide expertise in child development to understand the specific developmental needs of your child based on their age and the most current literature and research
  • Recommend strategies to effectively communicate your divorce to your children
  • Assist you in developing a co-parenting plan that meets the needs of your family
  • Develop the strategies needed for your child’s coping style; when stressed, some kids internalize and others externalize and these behaviors require different interventions
  • Help parents understand the damaging consequences of conflict and help develop co-parenting skills that minimize conflict
  • Remain neutral, not taking sides with one parent or other, rather representing the child’s needs and best interest

Research shows that children have an improved outcome when they have a neutral person that can help them express feelings about the divorce. I want to help you understand what your child brings to the divorce and what the divorce brings to your child so you can together a parenting plan that works for your kids and your family.