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Do You Have to Keep Buying Gifts for Your Ex-Spouse After Divorce?

You certainly don’t have to continue helping your kids by buying gifts for your ex for celebrations like Mother's Day or Father's Day, but here are five reasons why you should consider it.With Mother’s Day just past us and Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s a good time to consider what obligations divorced parents [...]

The Benefits of Co-Mediation in Divorce

Working with a co-mediation team of professionals during divorce provides you with additional benefits beyond working with a single mediator. A mediated divorce uses a neutral third-party mediator to help the parties resolve issues that arise during the divorce. The mediator is not there to make decisions or mandate outcomes. Their role is to help the parties collaborate [...]

Post-Divorce Dating: Things to Consider Before You Get Started

Some of the post-divorce dating advice your friends and family offer is worth considering, while some of it might need to be thrown out!The approaches that people take to post-divorce dating vary widely. Some people are shell-shocked after a divorce and can’t imagine dating, while others want nothing more than to jump right back into [...]

Divorce and the Holidays: What to Do with Your New Significant Other

Making the Most out of Divorce and the Holidays with Your Children  While divorce and the holidays are complicated enough, adding a new significant other to the mix can heighten the anxiety on all fronts. However, there are ways to make this type of an introduction work for all parties. Provided below is a quick decision [...]

Surviving Thanksgiving: Strategies for Managing Family at the Holidays

Flip on the TV at time this year and you’re likely to find some program or movie showing the ideal family Thanksgiving-- loving family, perfectly set table, and laughter and good cheer all around. You can also find holiday cheer on Facebook or Instagram. Perhaps nowhere else in American culture is there a bigger gap [...]

How to Gracefully Attend an Event As Co-Parents

Place Your Children First and Attend an Event as Co-ParentsThe word “graceful” is a deliberate addition to the blog title because anyone can attend an event together, but I want to give some tips on how to attend an event as co-parents and do it well. This matters because when you are co-parenting, you will have [...]

Helping Children Cope with a Natural Disaster

This year's hurricane season has required many parents to shepherd their children through scary events. Whether it is hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or other natural disasters, there are things you can do to help your child cope before and after the disaster: Before a disaster: • Be prepared: Make sure your family has a plan and [...]

Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start

Back to school brings the excitement of a new year but also the dread of dealing with homework and hectic routines. There are things you can do (and stop doing) to help manage your stress level and set your child up for success. Consider these tips to start off on the right track: • Look [...]

Teenage Suicide: Warning Signs and How to Respond

Teenage suicide has been in the headlines often this year, particularly due to the popular show “13 Reasons Why.” Many parents and educators are having debates about this show, wondering if it's doing more harm than good. No matter what your stance is, teen suicide rates are alarming. The analysis Center for Disease Control (CDC) [...]

Four Tips for Taking a Post-Divorce Summer Vacation

Don't Forget to Indulge in a Post-Divorce Summer Vacation Summer vacations are a time for families to reconnect and make memories. For a family emerging after a divorce, a post-divorce summer vacation can be a time of healing after a stressful period. Here are some thing to consider to set up your summer vacation for success.Make a Post-Divorce [...]


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