How to Put the Happy Back into Happy Holidays

Being happy during the holidays starts with you. If you are dreading the holiday season this year, here are some things to consider.Being happy during the holidays can be difficult – especially if you’re going through a divorce. Many divorced people find the holiday season overwhelming, and “happy” would be the last adjective they use to [...]

Teenage Suicide: Warning Signs and How to Respond

Teenage suicide has been in the headlines often this year, particularly due to the popular show “13 Reasons Why.” Many parents and educators are having debates about this show, wondering if it's doing more harm than good. No matter what your stance is, teen suicide rates are alarming. The analysis Center for Disease Control (CDC) [...]

Talking Openly about Mental Illness

It has been very encouraging to see the recent conversations where celebrities have talked openly about personal struggles and mental illness in hopes of decreasing the stigma. Currently making headlines are Lady Gaga’s open letter about suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder as well as the Princes Harry and William talking about their struggles after losing [...]

When Your Spouse Suffers from Mental Illness

Marriage is difficult. This is no surprise to anyone who is married. When one spouse suffers from mental illness, then marriage is even more complicated. There is so much stigma around the term “mental illness”, but what I’m talking about today is any emotional or behavior disorder that impacts daily living. Here are some tips [...]


The revelation that the tragic crash of Germanwings 9525 was intentionally caused by a pilot that had reported an episode of severe depression has brought new awareness to mental health issues. However, rather than helping people recognize the importance of getting mental health treatment, these types of high profile incidents might make people less likely [...]

College Students and Mental Health

For a long time, therapists have noticed a growth in mental health issues among students. This anecdotal observation was recently confirmed by the National College Health Assessment (NCHA), a nationally recognized research survey that collects data about students’ health habits, behaviors and perceptions. Some of the statistics from the NCHA’s most recent survey of college [...]


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