Divorce doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Call in a coach.

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his now ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos released statements on Twitter late last week sharing details of their divorce settlement and expressing mutual appreciation, love and respect, and hope for their future as co-parents, many couples may have been wondering how a split could be so seemingly amicable.While the Bezoses haven’t shared details [...]

How to Put the Happy Back into Happy Holidays

Being happy during the holidays starts with you. If you are dreading the holiday season this year, here are some things to consider.Being happy during the holidays can be difficult – especially if you’re going through a divorce. Many divorced people find the holiday season overwhelming, and “happy” would be the last adjective they use to [...]

How to Support a Friend Through Divorce

Watching a good friend go through a divorce can be difficult, and it is natural to want to help them. If you wish to support a friend through a divorce, your desire is admirable. It’s important that you offer support that is helpful and not harmful, though.While every divorce is different and the support that [...]

Post-Divorce Dating: Things to Consider Before You Get Started

Some of the post-divorce dating advice your friends and family offer is worth considering, while some of it might need to be thrown out!The approaches that people take to post-divorce dating vary widely. Some people are shell-shocked after a divorce and can’t imagine dating, while others want nothing more than to jump right back into [...]

3 Self-Focused Resolutions for the Suddenly Single

If separation or divorce has left you suddenly single, here are 3 resolutions to consider.In the past, you may have have made traditional New Year’s resolutions like losing weight or getting more organized. If you’ve just gone through separation or divorce, the start of a new year is a great time to make some divorce-related [...]

Relationship problems? Look inward first!

All relationships have ups and downs. During down periods, it's so easy to find flaws in your partner. “He always…” and “Why can’t she just…” frequently come up in our thoughts or conversations as an explanation for the struggles. However. if you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to look inward first. Here’s [...]

How to Teach Your Teen to Date with Respect

The dating years can be awkward for both parents and teenagers! Technology looks different than when you dated as a teenager and it can feel scary as you watch your teen enter this new developmental phase. Dating is a privilege and it comes with certain responsibilities. There are several aspects to consider when talking to [...]

The 5 Bs for Maintaining a Relationship with Your In-Laws After a Divorce

While the stereotypical in-law relationship is adversarial, the reality is that many married people enjoy warm and loving relationships with their in-laws. In instances where a person’s relationship with their family of origin is strained, in-laws can even become a surrogate family, creating missing parental and/or sibling bonds. What happens when the marriage that created [...]

Keeping Physical Intimacy Alive in Your Marriage

Intimacy can be both emotional and physical, and while they definitely overlap in marriage, this blog is going to focus on physical intimacy. Many couples enter couples therapy because one or both partners feel their physical needs are no longer being met. It is estimated that between 15-20% of marriages are defined as “sexless marriages”, [...]


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