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Emotional Parenting in Divorce: Beyond the Time and Money of Parenting

This following highlights the role of emotional parenting of children as a consideration during the divorce process along with the physical and financial aspects. When divorce involves children, the parenting discussions tend to be dominated by time and money issues: Where are the kids going to live? What days do I get to see the kids? [...]

3 Self-Focused Resolutions for the Suddenly Single

If separation or divorce has left you suddenly single, here are 3 resolutions to consider.In the past, you may have have made traditional New Year’s resolutions like losing weight or getting more organized. If you’ve just gone through separation or divorce, the start of a new year is a great time to make some divorce-related [...]

Divorcing but Still Living Together During the Holidays?

If you are divorcing but still living together, you and your spouse need to make plans and manage conflict this holiday season. Many couples continue to live together while going through a divorce. As lives and calendars continue to move during the divorce process, there are times when divorcing couples still living together face potentially awkward [...]


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