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Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start

Back to school brings the excitement of a new year but also the dread of dealing with homework and hectic routines. There are things you can do (and stop doing) to help manage your stress level and set your child up for success. Consider these tips to start off on the right track: • Look [...]

Teenage Suicide: Warning Signs and How to Respond

Teenage suicide has been in the headlines often this year, particularly due to the popular show “13 Reasons Why.” Many parents and educators are having debates about this show, wondering if it's doing more harm than good. No matter what your stance is, teen suicide rates are alarming. The analysis Center for Disease Control (CDC) [...]

Four Tips for Taking a Post-Divorce Summer Vacation

Don't Forget to Indulge in a Post-Divorce Summer Vacation Summer vacations are a time for families to reconnect and make memories. For a family emerging after a divorce, a post-divorce summer vacation can be a time of healing after a stressful period. Here are some thing to consider to set up your summer vacation for success.Make a Post-Divorce [...]

Why Not to Stress over Your Child’s Boredom This Summer

It’s easy to find websites devoted to expensive and elaborate ways to keep your children entertained over the summer. I want to encourage you to embrace the boredom because it’s actually good for your kids! A while ago, I blogged about a study that showed how many adults would prefer an electrical shock to being [...]

A Guide for Divorced Dads and Father’s Day

Tips for Divorced Dads and Father's Day Father’s Day celebrates the relationship between dads and their kids, and honors the things that fathers do for their families. While divorce doesn’t change why we celebrate Father’s Day, it may change how you celebrate it. Here are some tips for divorced dads and father's day that can help [...]

Putting Your Kid’s Needs First During a Divorce

Place the Focus on the Kids When It Comes to Children and Divorce When I talk with parents about children and divorce, the first thing they usually want to discuss is how they can protect their children during the process. The most valuable advice I can give is to minimize conflict and to ensure that [...]

When You Catch Your Child Lying

It can be upsetting when you catch your childin a lie, however before you respond, it can be helpful to think through a few things.Here are a few things to consider:Young children: Young children aren’t lying to you to be manipulative because they still blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. The lie can represent [...]

Talking Openly about Mental Illness

It has been very encouraging to see the recent conversations where celebrities have talked openly about personal struggles and mental illness in hopes of decreasing the stigma. Currently making headlines are Lady Gaga’s open letter about suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder as well as the Princes Harry and William talking about their struggles after losing [...]

Three Perspectives On Keeping the House, Or Not

Post co-authored by:Rachel Moore, Esq. - Attorney and mediatorAlona Anspach, CFP, CDFA - Financial plannerFor many people their house is both a serious financial asset and an ongoing expense. And since the house is your home, it’s an asset that comes with a lot of emotional attachment. For these reasons, deciding what to do with [...]


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