Most parents recognize that their children are unique. Every kid has a different personality, temperament and needs. No understands that better than a parent. However, when parents get a divorce, important decisions around children are often made by the court. The court does not recognize the individuality of a child. It treats all kids as mostly the same and makes decisions accordingly.    

If you want to develop a parenting plan that meets the unique needs of your kids and family, then you need to be in control. Choose a divorce process that allows you–not the courts–to make the decisions. Collaborative Divorce and Mediation let you actively participate and control the decision making process.

Utilize a Child Specialist

A Child Specialist is a mental health professional with extensive experience working with kids and families going through the divorce process. A Child Specialist can support families undergoing divorce either as a member of a Collaborative Divorce team or as a consultant for a traditional divorce. Here is what a Child Specialist can do for your family:

  • Bring your child’s voice and perspective into the process while helping to keep your child out of the middle of your divorce
  • Provide expertise in child development to understand the specific developmental needs of your child based on their age and the most current literature and research
  • Recommend strategies to effectively communicate your divorce to your children
  • Assist you in developing a co-parenting plan that meets the needs of your family
  • Help parents understand the damaging consequences of conflict and help develop co-parenting skills that minimize conflict

Research shows that children have an improved outcome when they have a neutral person that can help them express feelings about the divorce.   There is a lot of research and understanding available to help parents understand how to go through this process in the most productive way and you can put that knowledge to use in your family.

Recognizing your child’s strengths and struggles will allow you to develop a parenting plan that meets his or her needs during the divorce and over time.  Take charge of this process and figure out what your unique kid needs and put that into action.