Many people use divorce as a time to take stock of all the areas in their life, career included. It’s natural as you are making changes to think about the various aspects of your life and what you want for your future.  Most experts recommend not changing jobs in the midst of a divorce because you might need additional flexibility and time off to deal with the logistics of divorce. However here are some things to consider once the dust has settled a bit: 

  • Evaluate your stress level.  Going through a divorce is an incredibly stressful life event. There are times in our lives when we have the energy for change and there are times in our life when we need more of a routine and a comfort zone. This is about self-awareness and giving yourself what you need.
  • Evaluate your financial needs. Ideally, you worked with a financial planner during the divorce to determine your needs moving forward. Most women’s economic level declines after a divorce. This requires either a decrease in spending or an increased revenue (sometimes both are required).

Consider your immediate needs and your longer term goals. Do you need a better-paying job, more hours at a current job or to increase your skills with training or education?  These may be difficult things to take on as you are shifting to single parenting. That’s why it’s also important to consider the balance of finances and quality of life.

  • Evaluate your quality of life.  What does your new schedule look like? Do you have increased child care demands? Do you have less time for yourself? Another aspect of job satisfaction can be related to your ability to balance work and life. Maybe you would like more flexibility or the possibility of working from home occasionally.

When I work with individuals or families going through the divorce process, one of my hopes for them is that they create the life they want for themselves post-divorce.  Considering what kind of work you want to do, understanding your new financial reality and exploring how to create work/life balance are all factors to weigh when evaluating whether or not to change jobs.